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You can hire an eco-friendly kickscooter for short time rental using our mobile app.
Skoot is a clean, convenient, affordable, car-reducing alternative to make Dubai more enjoyable.

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From here to there with a smile. Skoot is where you need it.

App as key

No keys, no card, no nonsense. All you need is the Skoot app. Sign up for free and get your ID verified(18 and Above).

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Stay ahead and in control of your time. No one beats Skoot's fastest book-and-return experience. Challenge us!

What is Skoot?

Skoot is the first homegrown ecofriendly kickscooter sharing system Which you can rent for short term rental using our mobile app. It’s easy, you just require your ID and you are ready to ride Skoot.

How it Works?

Only walking is cheaper

  • Find a kickscooter near you, scan QR code on the bike and unlock the bike.
  • We recommend you to wear a helmet.
  • Maximum speed 20 km/hour.
  • Push the kickscooter 2 or 3 times with your feet to get going.
  • when in motion press throttle button with right thumb.

Place both feet on footboard while riding.

  • Ride in bike lanes when available.
  • Do not ride on main roads or side walks.

Squeeze brake with the left hand to slowdown.

End your ride by locking the kickscooter within the app.

Don’t block public pathways. Park by bike racks when available.

How much is it?

As much as you would pay for the bus. Cheaper than a taxi ride. Only walking is cheaper - but definitely slower.


  • Per minute price:
    Aed 0.40

Take Skoot

From meeting to meeting
to meeting.
Take skoot to ease your travel journey home.
Take skoot to get more work done.
To eat something
fresh at lunch.


Dubai's heart is covered with hundreds of Skoots

It’s so easy! The only thing you need is the SKOOT App.
Download it for iOS or Android.
Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the app and reserve a nearby scooter.
  2. Walk up to the kick scooter and unlock it with the app.
  3. Step on the scooter with one foot, kick off three times with the other foot on the ground.
  4. Once you kick off and you get some speed, push throttle down to accelerate.
  5. The booking starts as soon as the wheels are rolling.
Please note: Don’t forget to wear a helmet! Users can get their own helmets or Skoot Mobility offers free helmets at docking stations or available on request on the App (just cover delivery costs)..

Scooters can go upto 20 km/hr

You can drop off your scooter anywhere. We encourage skoot riders to park near public bike racks or accessible public locations that do not cause an obstruction of the sidewalk. For the safety of others, scooters should not be parked where they can block driveways, doors, or other pathways.

Please check the “How to ride” section of the app for instructions on getting started. If you are still having trouble, check out our instruction video on the app. Or contact support by clicking the message icon in the upper righthand corner.

Skoot accepts credit cards, and debit cards.

Skoot uses temporary authorizations to confirm your payment card. You will never be charged for these authorizations, but they may show as “pending” on your statement and take several days to disappear.

Authorizations amounts will be about the price of a scooter ride. If you believe you have been charged incorrectly, please contact support.

Download the Skoot Mobility App

No keys, no card, no nonsense. All you need is the Skoot app. Sign up for free and get your ID verified(18 and Above).

Want Skoots in your campus or city? Get in Touch


All you need is the Skoot app. Sign up for free and get your ID verified(18 and Above).

  • +971 55 156 7429

  • Al Quoz, Industrial Area 1,
    P.O Box: 454684